Technology Inspired by Nature

In the last 200 to 300 years, man has been accelerating at an exponential rate towards technological advancement that is of astronomical proportions. From the science fiction TV shows which depict the existence extraterrestrial beings, wielding super advanced technology which even enables them to move through both time and space, to some of the greatest... Continue Reading →



The year is January 2017, 177 years since the end of the industrial revolution and the planet’s climate has never been harsher. Man has mined into the earth, the atmosphere and the biggest driver of this revolution, was his mind. Man mined his mind and connected into the universal ether to reveal to himself the... Continue Reading →

The Built World

It’s been weeks since my last post. I could say I was out there doing new research; I could say I had not yet found material to blog about but these are no excuses. Basically, it has been due to sheer laxity. But I’m back on the saddle as this debuts my first post of... Continue Reading →


Let There Be Light….

In the beginning, God said “Let there be light” and there was light. He put the sun to light the day and the moon and stars to light the night. This has been the most abundant source of light since the inception of the universe as we know it. The year 10,000 BC, man with... Continue Reading →



The future is upon us! Locomotive technology has improved over the years to where we are today; diesel engines are the order of the day. It was not so long ago that when the African man first saw the train on its tracks they remembered the forecast of their age old prophets. The prophecy of... Continue Reading →



So I am walking along the road minding my own business and I come to a railway crossing level. All the vehicles from both ends of the road come to a halt, despite the fact that the train is some 300m from this point. As a kid, the reasoning behind cars not crossing the tracks... Continue Reading →



In my opinion, the first line of action towards saving energy while reducing carbon footprint on the earth’s atmosphere is human action. It is human action that increased the carbon dioxide emissions, eroded the earth’s ozone layer and consequently causing global warming; it is human action that will redeem the earth from this catastrophic effect.... Continue Reading →


One Small Step for man….

As we approach April Fool's day, I have finally made head way to start A blog, and its no April Fool's prank. I have always wanted to share my views and ideologies concerning what goes on in the engineering field to the world out there. I have found informative blogs to inspire me on the... Continue Reading →


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